Go Girl Skype Session 11

Hello everybody, I hope you are all having a lovely day so far.

We had our usual check-in before I screen shared my homework. I added more ‘filters’ to the pose program we played with last week. I drew an earring with the letter ‘L’ for my left ear and an ‘R’ one for my right ear. I also drew a pair of light pink pads for my shoulders.

Before I demonstrated the homework, I had a slight problem where my ‘filters’ weren’t showing up on the camera shot of myself. It was suggested that I used the search function to look for the block which said ‘go to layer’ and click on the ‘back’ option to see if it worked. I was happy when they re-appeared after I clicked on the block. Everyone was pleased about what I did for my homework.

This week, a new updated version of Snap! came out and it’s faster than the previous versions. It doesn’t work well on phones as it does on a desktop or laptop. This is because a phone has less memory than a browser.

In today’s session, we focused on a program which warns you not to touch your face while sitting at a computer. The whole point of the program is to warn you where your hands are close to the face. For 5 minutes, we tried out different numbers for the confidence threshold and the distance threshold to see if they made a difference. I changed the confidence threshold from 50 to 75 and the distance threshold from 100 to 80. I touched my face to see if it worked and it said ‘Stop touching your face!’ If you are close to the camera, the best number might be different than if you are far away from the camera.

Ken then added a timer block to see how many seconds had passed since the last time your hands were close to your face. Whenever you stopped touching your face, the timer would stop.

Our homework is to play around and change how it works. For example, changing the costumes or recording a message instead of solely using text. I’m excited about doing it.

I’m looking forward to next week and I will see you in another blog post!

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